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Remembering Herb Knapp

Herb was my friend. Herb was my teacher. Herb is gone. I miss Herb. My wife, Wendy, and I met Herb and Faith at a party in Little Silver, NJ, hosted by Pat and Stan Rice, the parents of a … Continue reading

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In Memory of Marie Wetzel

Marie Antoinette Wetzel, 101, of Little Silver, NJ, died on March 3, 2014, at her home in Little Silver. Marie grew up in New Brunswick, NJ, and lived for over sixty years in Milltown, NJ before moving to Little Silver … Continue reading

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Remembering the Coopeys – George Sr., Melba, George Jr., Charlie

The Coopey family – parents George and Melba, sons George and Charlie, and Melba’s father, Mr. Ahrend – lived next door to my childhood home in Milltown, NJ. I lost touch with them many years ago and sadly learned only … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy – Summary as of Thursday, 1 Nov 2012

Dear friends and family, Please excuse this slightly impersonal note that I’m writing to all who have sent us a note of concern about Hurricane Sandy. It would be an understatement that we have been busy. The past week has … Continue reading

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Slat Door

Our kitchen includes three sources of heat – radiators, a wood stove, and the cook stove – and a staircase that provides a convective pathway to the second floor of our house. I wanted to stop warm air from the … Continue reading

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Analysis of stepping a Tanzer T22 mast with shrouds attached

Every spring and fall the Tanzer T22 mail group that I subscribe to has a conversation about stepping the mast when inevitably someone brings up doing it with the shrouds attached. At first glance this appears desirable to stabilize the … Continue reading

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Speedotron to Profoto Adapter

I wanted to use an Elinchrom Octabank that had a Profoto mount with my Speedotron 102 strobe heads. There was probably a commercial solution but it was far more fun and less expensive to make my own adapter. It consists … Continue reading

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